1. Alright internet,

    Making this comic was awesome. I’m glad I did it. I’m thankful for all the feedback I received from people about it.
    You’ve all been very supportive and aweessoome.

    But I am leaving at the end of the month to go spend a couple of months in the jungle, to continue my journey of life.connection.healing and figuring myself out. I’m not sure if I will continue with Vague Notions when I get back from my trip. It’s possible I will find some other outlet, or maybe i will be wicked inspired and continue on with this comic like I never have before! There is no way to know! It will be a suprise.

    But for now, this is a thank you, and a goodbye. Keer is on hiatus.



  2. True moments of Keer (pt. 2)


  3. just a thought… (perhaps not all that thought out)


  4. Heeey. Happy respective holidays everybody! Happy regular days for everyone not celebratin’ nothing!



  6. Hey! Someone actually made me a comic! Big thanks goes out to hisnameinlights for braving the challenge and offering me up some results! Go check out their page! There are words and such there for you to read! (words are some of my most favorite things!)


  7. Grey’s just jealous.


  8. "Don’t struggle like that, or I will only love you more."


  9. Another ms paint comic brought to you by a slow day at work ( and low self-esteem! )


  10. maybe we could hang out and you could just promise not to notice me?